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Diva to Diplomat (A piece written back in December)

2 Apr

Stiff, sharp, and somewhat aloof, the iconic image of high flying fashionista Anna Wintour, with her trademark angular bob and bug-like sunglasses, doesn’t initially sit well with the average girl’s perception of American politics. Following numerous suggestions that Obama is considering the longstanding Vogue Editor-in-Chief as a candidate for the role of US Ambassador to France and the UK, we thought we better look a little closer into the aptness of the style queen for such as position.

It turns out our Devil Wears Prada has a lot more going for her in terms of politics than originally springs to mind…   (For those unaware the character of Miranda in box office hit The Devil Wears Prada, is reportedly loosely based on Anna)

1)      Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Anna has helped to raised tens of thousands of dollars for Obama’s most recent electoral campaign- showing a keen interest in the political sphere.

2)       Starting her first job in a boutique aged 15, Anna now has over 40 years experience in the fashion industry- and as a consequence is extremely commercially aware. A true business woman, she would emulate those Ambassadorial posts previously occupied by the likes of bankers and entrepreneurs.

3)       As you can imagine a glamorous socialite would, she has an array of contacts in both countries- always useful.

4)      Born and raised in Britain itself, Anna would be well-placed with regards to truly understanding some of our more wacky cultural traits.

Of course, the underlying question is whether or not the damage caused by the infamous “desert rose” Vogue article, which glorified Asama al-Assad and glossed over her husband’s brutal regime over Syria, will ever be shaken off Anna’s political back…

Despite our efforts hypothesizing, for now the fashion editor is keeping her lips tightly poised in her usual pout, remaining schtum about what lies ahead… Watch this space.

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