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My First Prezi…

14 Apr

Today has been the first time that I have created a visual presentation using Prezi instead of PowerPoint.
Having been introduced to the cloud-based presentation and storytelling tool through attending “Living and Working on the Web” classes whilst at University, I have been both inspired and impressed by the tools it has to offer, and most of all surprised that something like this can be completely free for any internet user to take advantage of. (Of course they do make money through subscriptions to upgraded versions, but the free one has everything that most students or casual non-business users would need).

So, what does Prezi have that PowerPoint doesn’t?

1. The Bigger Picture.

It allows you to show the bigger picture to your audience, by providing a central canvas on which you can put all of your slides, images, and other media links, and create a path to link them all together. With all of your ideas and concepts on one page, you can easily explain to your audience how they are related to each other.

examining the dynamics

2. Zoom.Zoom.Zoom.

As the software employs a Zooming User Interface, you can easily zoom in and out of text and images throughout your presentation. Once again, zooming out is a great for showing ideas within the context of the previously discussed “bigger picture”, whilst zooming in is useful for examining things in detail.

3. Themes and Templates

Prezi has a number of free themed templates, which can help to make a presentation not only more visually interesting but also easier for your audience to comprehend. For example they have a “journey” theme in which the pages follow footprints along the central page from the start page to the finish page. As much as my description probably sounds naff, they are anything but. Although some are more professional than others, some could be great for educational purposes.

templates prezi

It’s still a work in progress but check out my first Prezi here:


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